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Simply present
remotely & face-to-face

With the Projector function your can easily deliver a presentation remotely & face-to-face

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Modern hybrid sales

Fast, intuitive, and reliable in every situation

  • On the phone

    Simply share a short URL during a conversation and transform your audio call into a multimedia presentation. Without installation or effort for your prospects.

  • Face-to-face

    You want to present content to a client while maintaining a minimum distance? With Pitchview, you can use any on-site display with an internet connection. All you need is a weak internet connection and no guest Wi-Fi or network cable.

  • In a video conference

    Present the right slides in each video call, in your own virtual salesroom.

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Innovative presentation functions

Deliver a strong presentation

Switch seamlessly among presentations, slides, and contents.

  • Zoom function

    Simply zoom in details of a complex slide to highlight information.

  • Laser-pointer

    Your finger becomes a laser-pointer so that your prospect can follow your presentation even more easily.

  • Video-player

    If needed show suitable videos in your pitch, these will be transmitted with Pitchview Projector simalteneously and with high resolution.

  • Overview mode

    In the overview mode you can flexibly navigate to the needed slide and thus present the right content in seconds.

Act flexibly and fast

Flexibly adapt your presentation to the course of conversation

  • Switch seamlessly among presentations, slides, and contents.
  • Show your content professionally in a brand space, you do not need to tidy up your screen background first.

Custom Branding

Presenting on-brand

  • Customize your logo and backgrounds.
  • Use simple links such as that are easy to spell on the phone.

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