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Easily present your content to a doctor via any available channel

Present your content more easily in any conversation with a health-care-professional. No matter whether you communicate over the phone, in person at the hospital, in the practice or in a video conference.

Easy to use for health care professionals

Share a link and start immediately, no download or registration necessary for the doctor.

Easy to use for sales force

Designed for the stressful daily sales routine. Easy and robust operation.

Easy to use for marketing

Be sure that only approved content is presented on the market. Make new content available with just a few clicks.

Over the phone

Transform phone calls into eDetailing presentations

In communication with physicians & HCPs, video conferencing via Zoom, for example, is often not possible or not desired.

  • Simply share an easy to spell URL during the conversation and turn your audio call into a multimedia presentation. Without installation or effort for the health care professional.
  • No screensharing software and no access link via email necessary. The presentation runs in seconds in any browser.

On the computer of the HCP

A new way to present in practices and hospitals

New possibilities to show presentations while meeting doctors

  • Present on the doctor's screen at a comfortable minimum distance.
  • Pause presentation and if needed draw attention of your contact person back to your talk.

In the practice or at the hospital

Just bring your screen to the appointment

You would like to give a quick overview of a study to a HCP, but leaning together over the monitor is not possible or not desired because of corona?

  • With Pitchview your smart phone becomes a presenter stick in seconds and your tablet turns into a display, that you can flexibly control.
  • Look your prospect into the eyes not over the shoulder.

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In a car, on the train or on the terrace

Be ready to pitch in any situation

  • Use even small and spontaneous time slots and any location for your presentation.
  • Remote presentation require low internet bandwidth, control your presentations flexibly for LTE or 5G networks.
  • All the content is available offline on the pharmaceutical referents' tablets just as well.

Present remotely

Present interactively in a video conference

  • Give interactive presentations in a videoconference that you can individually adapt to the actual physician's information needs during the call.
  • Switch seamlessly among presentations, slides, and videos without showing a cluttered screen background.

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