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Digital call system for team coordination

Imagine a situation, where a potential customer enters your trade show stand and is interested in a particular product, but the responsible contact person can't be found and the customer is put off. With Pitchview this can be prevented.

Use our teamwork feature to ensure that in future all members of your team are in the right place at the right time and with the right customer!

Synchronize with your trade show colleagues

There is chaos at the trade show stand, the right contact person is not found, valuable trade show time is spent searching for contact persons and potential customers leave after all.

With Pitchview exactly this is avoided.

Each team member can use Pitchview to provide real-time information about conversations, breaks and substitutions.

In addition, every employee has real-time insight into your digital shift plan and can call individual employees directly from the app or contact them via SMS.

Digital calling system

No more put offs for the potential customers at trade show stands

Every employee can log in and log out easily.

Push-notifications remind employees to use scheduler.

In just 3 clicks your entire team knows if you're on a break, at the meeting and when you'll be available again.

Advantages of the teamwork feature

Automatized availability status

Integrated routines help to ensure that the status of each employee is partially automated and up to date.

Finding the right contact person

Via the notes function, every employee has insight into the language and product knowledge of his or her colleagues.

Easier communication

Each team member can be reached from the APP by telephone, SMS or Whatsapp and their own location at the trade show can be shared.

Fast implementation

The Teamwork feature can be added to any Pitchview package and is immediately available.

Test our teamwork feature now

Test our teamwork feature now

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