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Sales-Kit for a modern sales team

Salespeople search for or create content on average 30h a month and spend on average only 22% of their working hours on active sales. At the same time 60-70% of the produced marketing content isn't used by salespeople

Always ready to pitch

Present and share relevant content at any moment

What are the characteristics of a product? How does it look? How to use it? Your sales representatives and sales partners must be able to answer these questions quickly and precisely.

With our clipping function documents for initial follow-up emails can be created in less than 5 seconds after a trade show or a meeting with a customer.

Through an intuitive and fast back end, content is distributed and synchronized with the sales representatives within seconds.

Documents are always close at hand

Pitchview fills the gap between marketing & sales.

Every change in a presentation, video, white paper, catalogue or price list is immediately up-to-dated for your marketers, is easy to find and can be shared immediately. This not only saves a lot of time, but also ensures that outdated documents are no longer in use.

The information rights management ensures that each employee sees only that information that is meant for him or her.