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Follow-Up Emails

Studies show that 35% of all contracts are awarded to the companies that are the first to get in touch with the potential customers after the first interaction. During and after trade shows many companies don't have the right processes and technologies to send convincing follow-up emails in an optimal response time.

Send Follow-Up Emails with WOW-Effect

Pitchview fills the gap between marketing & sales.

With Pitchview the follow-up e-mail can be sent immediately after the first meeting at the trade show.

Impress your potential customers with this excellent response time and send them individually chosen documents during or right after the meeting.

With the clipping function you can choose suitable documents during the meeting or afterwards.


Start the Customer Journey directly at the trade show stand

Reach your potential customers on third-party websites with our remarketing tool.

The analysis of your retargeting campaign will provide you with useful information regarding your trade show investments.

Social Media Profile

Connect with your trade show contacts via LinkedIN or Xing

After the first conversation you have approximately 48 hours to get in touch with potential customers via social media. After that the intentions to cooperate usually cool down.

Pitchview links your trade show contacts directly with suitable social media profiles. In just a few clicks you can link to your trade show contacts on LinkedIN and XING and then reach them with further messages and content through status updates.